The Daily New: One Shot Laser Sintered Stool by Patrick Jouin

On every day that doesn’t start with “S”, we feature an extraordinarily fabulous item which is either brand new to the website or is a Moss “classic” item we think you might like to be reminded of. This is today’s.

One Shot Laser Sintered Stool by Patrick Jouin

Patrick Jouin

design year:

.MGX by Materialise, Belgium

nylon (built through Stereolithography)

This stool can be collapsed, like an umbrella, or opened into a stool by simply pulling or pushing the handle on the seat of the stool.

Jouin’s One Shot stool is named as such because it is “grown” all at once. All of the moving mechanical parts are created in one print and the stool emerges from the printing machine complete; there is no assembly. This phenomena is unique to three dimensional printing.

The One Shot stool is part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York.

Ø 12.5″, height: 15.75″
folded dimensions: Ø 4.3″, height: 25.5″


Buy it now at


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