I CAN I DO pop up chapel now available from Moss and FdM

Did you hear about all the gays getting married? You did? Really? Well, anyway, so there was this contest to design a pop-up chapel for the corner of Central Park at Columbus Circle where on Saturday July 30, there was a celebration and 24 couples got hitched. Since we are totally into supporting the whole gay marriage thing, we teamed up with FdM (the architecture firm of our friends Francois and Susan deMenil) and came up with probably the most brilliant simple elegant political emotional celebratory pop up chapel ever. (See, from the park, you could read one wall of the chapel which said “I CAN”, and from inside the chapel when you’re mid-ceremony, you read the other wall which says “I DO”–cool, right?) Needless to say, we lost the contest. The winning design had rainbow ribbons. What more do we need to say? However, luckily for the gays, the I CAN I DO chapel is now available for purchase, and you can have an instant pop up chapel of your own. To put anywhere you want. Anywhere in New York state, we mean.


One response to “I CAN I DO pop up chapel now available from Moss and FdM

  1. You shoulda won. The pop up chapel was vunderbar. Clearly, the contest was fixed.

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