August is National Eye Exam Month. Wow. But even if you cover one eye, you can still find blindingly great gifts at Moss.

Okay, that’s it. Bloss gives up. August, you win. August has without doubt and with no runners up the stupidest holidays of the year. Is the entire Monthly Holiday Themes Committee out in the Hamptons? Have you guys just left the building and gone completely AWOL? Yes, yes, we know it’s hot but really is it too much to ask for a few even vaguely normal kind of fun holidays? National Eye Exam Month? I mean, come on. Is that really the best you can do? Forgive Bloss for being skeptical, but is Bloss really supposed to take seriously a month in which there is a day called National Trail Mix Day? Or National Thriftshop Day? How about Knife Day, or National Spongecake Day? Bloss can put up with a lot, but honey there ain’t nothing Bloss can do with a month like this. Sea Serpent Day? Wiggle Your Toes Day? Potato Day???? ARRRRRRRRGH.

See our August gifts on


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