The Daily New: Fontessa Customizable Shoes by Gaetano Pesce

On every day that doesn’t start with “S”, we feature an extraordinarily fabulous item which is either brand new to the website or is a Moss “classic” item we think you might like to be reminded of. This is today’s.

Fontessa Customizable Shoes by Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce

design year:

Melissa Shoes, Brazil

‘Melflex’, Melissa’s proprietary PVC

Artist/Designer and Architect Gaetano Pesce (USA/Italy/Brazil), driven by the idea that the future will be customizable, has embarked on a new collaboration with the Brazilian shoe producer, Melissa, who since the late 1980’s has collaborated with artists, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Zaha Hadid, Vivienne Westwood, and Fernando and Humberto Campana, to create major innovations in footwear.

Moss now introduces Gaetano Pesce’s customizable shoe, “Fontessa”. Constructed of fused-yet-individual plastic ‘droplets’ which are intended to be cut away at will, to one’s own design. Pesce declares, “You can wear the original shape a couple of times and then start cutting and recreating as time goes by”. He continues, “Shape comes into play only at the end of a process and is merely opportunistic. It’s the outcome of the original idea. It’s imponderable”. The shoes – comfortable, durable, recyclable, and water proof – are made of ‘Melflex’, a PVC which is proprietary to Melissa.

available in women’s sizes 5-10 (note: half sizes are not available)


Buy it now at


2 responses to “The Daily New: Fontessa Customizable Shoes by Gaetano Pesce

  1. I WANT WANT WANT these shoes. But I went on Moss to order and they said…. Fontessa Shoe is no longer available. WHAT? WHY? I want some!!!

    • blossmossonline

      We have limited sizing and color options available. Let us know your size and desired color and we’ll work on getting them for you!


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