Mom, What’s a Debt Ceiling?

All this debt-talk of late is making Bloss’ pretty little head spin. From “debt ceilings” to “defaulting” to a bevy of weird-looking animorphs labeled “Congressmen,” the “American Financial Crisis 2.0: Debt Edition” is giving Bloss one of Michele Bachmann’s migraines.

Let’s start with the terminology. “Defaulting” – that’s the verb for selecting one’s Facebook profile picture. Obviously we know that one. Now, “Debt ceiling” – what is that? We’re still trying to figure out “glass ceiling” and now they’ve gone a thrown a whole other ceiling into the mix? Rude.

OK, so we don’t know what a “debt ceiling” is. Fine. But we know what it looks like.

That tall building on the right of the above graphic (courtesy of is a visualization of the US’s debt in $100 bills. That’s one hefty skyscraper, I’d say. Imagine all the jobs we’d create if we actually built our debt into a fancy FiDi hi-rise hotel/apartment/I-Banker bro-lounge/fusion sushi bar. We’d be saved!

And then we’d get to see the actual debt ceiling. The top of the building. Duh.

Find out more about this debt-situation at


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