Moss Mixtape Vol. 1

You all know Moss as “the greatest design store in the world,” but, hey, what about our music? It doesn’t happen all by itself, you know. It’s curated just like what you see when you come in. Our DJ person (known as DJ SAME) has been known to scour the blogosphere for the best songs to play inside Moss. Nothing too frilly. (Sorry Bieber.) No dirty south rap. (We save that for our house parties.) No opera. (Snooze.) No pop starlettes. (That means you, Gaga!) And definitely nothing by internet sensations of any stature. (“Friday”, anyone?)

What remains is simply the best music to compliment the pristine aura of Moss. So, check out our top songs for July after the jump (available for download here!), and let us know if you have any requests for August in the comments. We’ll pass it along to DJ SAME. Even if you’re not making a Moss purchase, you can still make your place sound like Moss.

1. Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix) – Air
2. Veselka’s Diner – Doctor Rockit
3. Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off-World Excursion) – Radiohead
4. Computer Love – Glass Candy
5. Real Slime (C.L.A.W.S Remix) – Lemonade
6. Cheaters – Teengirl Fantasy
7. The Afterlife (The xx Remix) – YACHT
8. Love Streams – März
9. What Have I Done (El Perro Del Mar Mix) – Anna Ternheim
10. Love Cry (Roska Remix) – Four Tet


One response to “Moss Mixtape Vol. 1

  1. Hey Your Mixtape some fiyah… submit it to… ill host it for free and give you a backlink to post to your social media (Facebook, myspace, google+, whatever)

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