The Daily New: “Riedizioni” Large Square Bag by Luisa Cevese

On every day that doesn’t start with “S”, we feature an extraordinarily fabulous item which is either brand new to the website or is a Moss “classic” item we think you might like to be reminded of. This is today’s.

“Riedizioni” Large Square Bag by Luisa Cevese

Luisa Cevese

design year:

Luisa Cevese, Italy

silk; polyurethane

Riedizioni is the name for a series of personal and products for the house made from industrial waste materials. Another word for this is recycling.

Damaged fabrics made of precious yarns, stained tablecloths, old lace, and prayer rugs with worshipped-in holes are among the objects that end up in Luisa Cevese’s hands. The Milan-based designer is known for fixing fabric remnants in resin for her Riedizioni line of bags and shades. Cevese’s work is the ultimate act of recyling: she not only reclaims that which would otherwise be thrown away, she creates new forms and new uses, and often finds that what she has made is art. Her mantra is a simple one: “I love waste”.

Each piece is hand made, and therefore each is unique. And, of course, perfect for the beach.

15″ wide
15″ high
7″ deep


Buy it now on


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