The Daily New: Fossili Moderni Meteore Floor Light by Massimiliano Adami

On every day that doesn’t start with “S”, we feature an extraordinarily fabulous item which is either brand new to the website or is a Moss “classic” item we think you might like to be reminded of. This is today’s.

Fossili Moderni Floor Light by Massimiliano Adami

Massimiliano Adami

design year:

MASSImiliano Adami, Italy

polyurethane foam and found objects

Massimiliano Adami’s “Fossili Moderni” (Modern Fossils) are created with found objects, hand-selected by the artist. Every piece is unique.

The Floor Meteore has a body of polyuretane foam and different kinds of recycled plastic objects, some of which contain a source of light. Others extend to the floor and become supports for the lamp.
Cross-sectioning creates a plane across the object and allows light to emerge from the objects with a sources of light. The behavior of the lights can be controlled. They can all come on at the same time, or one by one.
There’s also a flashing light which is activated when the natural light decreases. When all the lights are off and the lamp is in the darkness, the foam body remains luminescent for a few seconds.

from a limited edition of 3 unique floor lights

Do not expose the “Fossili Moderni” to direct sunlight (UV), water, or solvents.



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