Kiki Smith–Hacker in Chief?

How has no one picked up on this? Is Bloss the only one with eyes to see? OBVIOUSLY, Kiki Smith has pulled off the largest scale, biggest, most explosive multi-national, meta-politcal/criminal/journalistic/technological art project OF ALL TIME. Cleverly playing the role of Rebekah Brooks, soon to the ex-chief of Newscorp in the UK and former editor in chief of News of the World, Kiki has managed not only to close down a venerable 168-year-old tabloid but appears poised to bring down the mighty and righty and nearly as old Rupert Murdoch.

Masterful, Kiki. Bloss is in awe.


2 responses to “Kiki Smith–Hacker in Chief?

  1. Kiki looks fabuous, whereas Rebeka looks like a guy in a wig …

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