June is SO gay


Can a month be gay? You be the judge, tootsie roll.  Sneak a peek at June, which is not only National Gay Pride Month (and O.M.G. all those floats and feathers), but also National Fresh Fruit Month AND National Accordion Awareness Month. Aren’t accordions just about the gayest musical instrument ever? So totally Lawrence Welk. Plus June has some gay gay gay holidays, like National Pink Day and Old Maids Day and Flip a Coin Day (otherwise known as National Bi-Curious Day), Go Fishing Day (hello? is this the new code for cruising?), Sun Glasses Day (don’t get me started) and our personal hands down favorite, June 18, International Panic Day. We are not talking comets crashing into the earth here, are we, possums? No, we are talking the universal language of not getting your favorite shirt back from the laundry. Or worse, bad hair. Or really worse, running low on Effexor. So, June? Gay? Any questions? And for your gay dreams come true gifts, Moss is standing by, impatiently waiting for nails to dry.




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