Fraternal Twins. So near and yet so far.


Fraternal Twins is the name of our new and wonderful installation, opening at the gallery on May 14.  It’s all about how fraternal twins are the same but also different. It’s this   concept of dissonance applied to studio multiples. And in case you get dragged into a discussion about this, you can throw around the word zygosity. It refers to the degree of identicalness between twins.You’ll sound like you almost know what you’re talking about. Another word that might be relevant in this discussion is spooky. As in when identical twins really are so identical that it’s creepy. They would be having a high zygosity. (There, now I’ve used it in a sentence)(You, too, could try this at home). Luckily, fraternal twins while often a bit alike are generally not spooky. I’m relieved to be able to say that since the left twin above is Murray. And that’s Fern, his fraternal twin sister on the right.  Aren’t they adorable?




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