Hung Up on the Armory Show? Arthur Will Take Care of That!


Hi there. Yes, we’re taking a conversational tone today because we have something to discuss with you. It’s about art (no, not the contrived idea of art but real art that pushes each and every one one of us into new ways of thinking, silly!). We’ve got that in spades here at Moss and we’re going to have a little shindig to prove it. We’re calling it the Arthur Show because to call it art would challenge those among us who have their noses so far up in the air they wouldn’t know art if it bit them in the you-know-whatsit. Most of those closed-minded “aficionados” (as they so proudly call themselves) will be at the Armory Show so we thought we’d stage an alternative for the open minded. If you’re reading this and you’re not of our tribe, come on down anyway; we’ve got some great new lighting you can use to hang yourself! As the saying goes, we’ll give you plenty of rope…


Ropes, by Christian Haas, are made of Polypropylene and internal strings of warm-light LED’s. These are editions of 15, unique and numbered, so you’ll go out in style! Check in at our Facebook Page for the next three days and you’ll see some other groovy products that will be on view, including the Swell vase, below, designed by Chen Chen. For the real deal, get thee to 150 Greene Street on March 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. We promise to have our gallows humor on the ready! We’ll also be having a tweetup, so get your game on with #TheArthurShow. We assume you know what a hashtag is; if not, get a clue!



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