There’s a lot more to February than just stinking Valentine’s Day



We know you may be quite distracted by New York Fashion Week right now… oh, not in New York? well, that’s your problem.  But in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, you’re either glowing or bitterly disappointed with what Cupid brought your way (or forgot). You can’t blame that on us either: if you’d been listening to our suggestions, you’d have shopped with us or at the very least slipped a cheat-sheet into your beloved’s underwear drawer to avoid all this heartbreak.

To prove we’re not small-minded (not that we’ve been accused of such) we’re here to inform you that February is CANNED FOOD MONTH. Seem like a stretch for February 14 folderol? Then how about the fact that it’s also CREATIVE ROMANCE MONTH, NATIONAL WEDDINGS MONTH and AMERICAN HEART MONTH? See, it’s never too late to ensure you get that lovely heart-felt gift you’ve been drooling over every time you walk through our doors (Next time, bring a hanky?). We’ll admit it’s hard to top GREAT AMERICAN PIE MONTH, though we’d like to urge discretion here (couture is only sold up to size 4), unless NATIONAL CHERRY MONTH comes to mind. (Do we hear Madonna singing “Like a Virgin” in the unrated video of this charade? Thought so!).

It is the last day of Fashion Week, by the way. We hear Oscar de la Renta has done his take on “Upscale Bohemian”. Um, Maestro, we believe you’ve taken a page from Moss’s playbook! We’re flattered!



February may be short but it has great gift potential


One response to “There’s a lot more to February than just stinking Valentine’s Day

  1. You forgot Black History Month…

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