Flout Your Flutes


Lovelorn Lesson Number One: Your Valentine deserves a proper champagne toast, at the very least (don’t worry, that’s only the beginning of the expectations). Hoist the bubbly and get your game on, chum.


Bibulo by Mangiarotti

An essential element of said propriety are worthy glasses with which to do the toasting. No, you can’t use the common garden variety. She’s a rose, not a petunia. But wait! The inaugural Moss “2 For 2 Doubles Match” is here just in time to fill your every need in the Valentine’s Day champagne glass department. 


Asimmetriico by Moretti

You will not find a more extraordinary offering of champagne flutes, tumblers and cups  (available in romantic pairings) anywhere else in the developed world (meaning Italy, Austria, Germany, and France of course, which by happy coincidence is where our glasses originate). Make haste and avoid disappointing you know whom! Cupid is standing by, keeping score. 


Loos Champagne tumblers

Bonus: The conspirators at #letsblogoff, a biweekly Twitter-engendered blog event, would love to share their tips and quips with you if you’re grasping for clues: What Is Love? But first, flout your flutes.

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