A Secret Weapon for the Golden Globes


David and Goliath Style



The red carpet games are underway for the Golden Globes and we’re waiting with bated breath to see what backstabbing and rock throwing is taking place behind the scenes as we speak. For those celebrities who feel oh-so-vulnerable right now, we’ve got the perfect accessory: Christopher Jarratt’s slingshots—in both David (the perfect size for slipping right into your Birkin) and Goliath sizes. Of course, we know only the big guns will do for you, darling, so hurry; we only commissioned five of the giant signed and numbered weapons that speak with forked tongues. (Remind you of your agent? Yeah, we thought so!) 


Bring it, Goliath!

These larger-than-life versions were painted in five distinct color combinations chosen exclusively for Moss: aqua blue, fire-engine red, sunny yellow, battleship grey, and army green. Each slingshot is made from a found forked tree branch gathered from one of the last great forests of England, Epping Forest, and each one is unique—just like you, Ms. Portman. Your Black Swan nod is all the buzz. Knock ‘em dead, love, and call us if you need the extra addition to your arsenal to fend off Angelina when you wrap your pretty little fingers around that statue!




Black Swan – TV Spot – Golden Globes
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