This Little Piggy Went to (Stock)Market

We’ve never shied away from controversy, and some would say we’re just gluttons for punishment but hey, if you can’t stand out why even bother to stand up? Kick the New Year into high cash-flow gear by giving your subconscious a slight nudge with these subliminal reinforcements. Better hop to it or the boys at the water cooler will be saying, “That little piggy might as well have stayed home.”

Pork-barrel spending for your own pocket.

Harry Allen’s piggy bank turns the tried-and-true form on its ear—yeah, this is a silk purse of the highest order: did we mention it holds $10K in one-dollar bills? It’s made of cast polyester resin and cork, and Allen is donating 5% of the proceeds to The Humane Society of the United States. Surprised? Having good taste and giving a damn aren’t mutually exclusive!

I feel the need for greed!

Greed, for lack of a better word, is sexy, especially when it’s wrapped around your little finger. Our Scrimshaw rings made of wooly mammoth ivory and emblazoned with the Seven Deadly Sins were created by Jessica Kagan Cushman. Come on: channel your inner Gordon Gekko and tell the world you’re someone to be reckoned with!

Go ahead, date yourself…

Martin Margiela’s Le Calendrier en Coton (or Cotton Calendar as we so blandly say it in English) is a set of twelve starched and embroidered canvas and cotton calendar “pages,” which become napkins once the year’s numbers are up. Hmmm: wiping that smile off your face when you hear your year-end tallies has never been more luxurious!


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