Come to Dada

The Cluck Necklace

We know you think you’re making a statement when you dress to the nines for that New Year’s Eve bash—the one where everyone’s going to be judging your book by its cover—but we’ve got to break it to you: our baubles beat the crap out of anything in your jewelry drawer. Inspired by Dada, creating for Mama, Tom Binns makes unique pieces that will help you channel your inner anarchist and have you stepping out in in-your-face style as you ring in 2011.

You’ll have to have your ducks in a row to pull off wearing Binn’s “Cluck” necklace (shown above) but we suggest you dump the shy routine: it’s couture, baby! Yeah, we thought that would perk you up. This is one of his unique archival pieces. All the world’s a stage, as they say, and New Year’s Eve isn’t the time to treat life like a dress rehearsal.

The Tekno-Chic Sunray Brooch

Nobody cares if you’ve got a colorful past but they sure are going to ignore you if you show up at a party wearing dull accessories. Our remedy for the jewelry blahs is this kicky Tekno-Chic Sunray brooch. Go ahead, show ‘em you’re no geek when it comes to style!

Silver Pearl Strand Jesus Necklace

Be the one at the party who doesn’t get crucified for being dowdy by pairing Binn’s Silver Pearl Strand Jesus necklace, made of silver-plated brass and crystals, with that little black dress. The combo just might make you the night’s divine being.

The Rectangular Face Watch Bracelet

The Rectangular Face watch bracelet will prove you are ahead of your time in the accessories department. Might we suggest you take it one step further? When someone inquires if it’s nearing midnight, just look at them and say, “It’s midnight somewhere, darling,” and plant a big one on their pouty little lips!

Gold Ball Cube Ring

Dare to be square with Binns’ Gold Ball cube ring. It’s 22-karat gold-plated and it’ll look fabulous on your finger (quite likely better than that chap looks on your arm)!


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