Glass Act

Lobmeyr’s Alpha Tumbler: King Ludwig Louis II

As you bring your chums together to ring in 2011, forget the fact that your family, friends and 2010 have been royal pains in the—well, you get the picture—and honor them all by rolling out some kingly treatment. If Lobmeyr’s not on the bar or tabletop, you’re short shrifting those who bothered to show up for your party. Fortunately we’re here to make it easy for you to rise to the occasion.

The Alpha Water Pitcher in Amethyst

Alpha comes first for a reason, just one of which is Lobmeyr’s Alpha crystal tumblers. The glasses come in blue, amethyst, yellow, light green, and grey. And in a fit of glass mania, we commissioned several unique historic monogrammed glasses from the Lobmeyr archives, sold singly and suitable for cognac or other liqueurs. If you’ve been dying to drink from a glass with the seal of the King of Bavaria, Ludwig Louis II (1845-1886), we are the only store in the world able to satisfy that need.  Not to mention the King of Siam and the Princess Maria von Rohan, a royal babe.

The table is set, the silver is gleaming, the aromas are stirring. Don’t tell us you forgot the Alpha water pitchers. You might as well be pouring from a thermos! The mouth-blown crystal vessels come in light green, grey and amethyst. Mix it up for interest: remember, matchy-matchy sounds stupid for a reason!

Ambassador Champagne Cups: Wery Diplomatic!

Lobmeyr’s Ambassador champagne cups were designed by Oswald Haerdtl in 1925. You’ve heard the saying that quality lasts? Yeah, especially when the design is a classic and made of “muslin” crystal, oh so difficult to make but oh so handsome and pretty!

It’s not often you find a little piece of eye candy that you can fill with, um, candy. We’ve got three sizes of these mouth-blown crystal candy dishes by Lobmeyr. Haerdtl designed these sexy vessels, too. What can we say:  the man was a genius.

Lobmeyr’s Candy Dish


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