Mad Hatters, Revert


If you’re thinking that the Sherpa-inspired toboggan you’ve been jamming on your head makes you appear urbanely unconcerned about your looks, we’ve got news for you: you look like a dweeb.


Fortunately, we’ve got good news for you and the headline reads something like: Kika Schoenfeld has designed some of the hippest hats on the mountain; find them at Moss Online or stop by the store for an instant top of head makeover.  Fashion advice comes with. Now how’s that for accommodating?


And if you have friends who, um, need a little nudging toward style consciousness, your holiday shopping list just got made. Otto hats are hand-knit and felted wool, Alpaca, and Cashmere with Finnish fox and American mink fur pompoms.  Click or come in. And dump those friends who don’t get why hat panache is so important. The universe will reward you with a whole new crop of poised playmates in the New Year rather than keeping you stuck at six o’clock with your feeble friends for all eternity!


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