Working It

That corner office keep eluding you? No wonder: lowbrow will never get you anywhere. Step out of the depot rut and get your game on with some style. Yeah, we got that.

Anything scissors

The Anything deskset is anything but boring. Designed by Michael Sodeau, the enesemble includes an alarm clock, tape dispenser, stapler and scissors which we suggest you use to cut your way out of that tired cluttered rut you’ve gotten into. Just look at your desk. You call that coordinated?

Locus 3-way pen

And for even greater efficiency, try the clutter-killer of the season, the Locus 3-way pen. It’s a ballpoint pen, a mechanical pencil and an eraser, all in one! Just turn the clip and you magically get rid of that coffee cup with the Office Depot logo you’ve been using to hold your pencils. Go minimal.

A-Fold iPad holder

The A-Fold iPad holder is aiming to change your point of view. Stop craning your neck and set things right with this aluminum, rubber and plastic wunder-prop, which you can set at fixed angles of 75, 60, 45 and 5 degrees. It also folds flat when not in use, handy for tucking it into a drawer when you’re away to keep the office gremlins from getting their grimy little hands on it. Moss is the only place you can get it until 2011 so what’s keeping you?

10 key calculator

What’s the key to success? Here are ten of them: Industrial Facility’s 10 key calculator is the perfect enabler to adding up all that horded cash you’ve been hiding from you know who. Modeled after a computer keyboard, this gismo can be used as a regular calculator or connected to a computer using a USB port. Hey, it’s windows and MAC compatible so we don’t want to hear any squabbling across the technoid aisle.

Slim calculator

What; you didn’t get the memo that slim is in? And we’re not talking about your lapsed gym membership, chum; IDEA Lab’s Slim calculator takes its stylish place on your desk on in your briefcase with equal aplomb. And speaking of lapsed gym memberships, it’s light weight so no heavy lifting is involved!

Ciotolino catch-all trays

Batta-bing, batta-boom: that’s the copper-platted brass sound your flotsam and jetsam makes when it’s hitting these luxe Ciotolino catch-all trays. A set of three in varying dimensions (Papa, Mama and Baby sizes) will sure look classier than those plastic thingies you picked up in the supply room. Edition Nouveaux Objet of France makes these Donata Paruccini-designed trays. The French sure know how to convey succès (we’re just sayin’). Parlez-vous français?


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