Home, pretty much


Meet the crew of Alitalia flight 614 Rome to Boston, our new best friends. That’s Guido in the middle, the pilot, and Guido and other Guido, the co-pilots, and Guida, Guida and other Guida, the flight attendant/baristas. They risked their lives to fly us through the ash-laden airspace. You might wonder how we took off from Rome when we were driving to Florence? Let me just say it was a long story, having to do with a flight that was canceled while we were going through security and then no cars for rent in the entire Center of the Renaissance (that’s the official name for Florence, in travel circles) and a visit to the Palazzo Strozzi where James Bradburne


took us under his wing. There he is now.  
You might be aware that Boston, nice as it is, is not New York. So when we got there, we had to shuttle it over to Laguardia. By the time we got really home, we’d been on the move for twenty hours. During which time we did nothing but  discuss design. 


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