Trapped in Deepest Milan

We are victims of the evil Icelandic volcano eruption and like millions of globe trotting others, are stranded in the monastic desert of western Europe, destined to endless trolling of design booths and intown galleries. Obviously, a living hell. How much Prosecco can one drink? We had already been to the Fiera and spent our requisite several other days with our trusty driver Federico at the helm of his VW Golf, skirting suburban design hotspots. We are ready to depart. But no. Today, Malpensa closed down, and the eruption continues. I expect a ransom demand any moment. How much would the world, specifically the airlines, banks and florists, pay to Iceland to get them to turn off the volcano?  Enough to spring the country from its bankruptcy? Coincidence? I think not. We Salone dwellers were not born yesterday. We know a pending deal when we see one. Meanwhile, we flip desultorily through our iphone snaps of the more striking examples of 2010 design offers. Here are some now. 








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