Gilbert Simondon

once wrote, “…the true technological problem is the need for a convergence of functions within a single structural feature, not the need for a compromise between conflicting requirements.” (Du mode d’existence des objects techniques, Paris: Aubier, 1958, pp. 25-26.).  This is no secret.  How many designers have taken up the challenge to create objects with combinative functions and forms.  Going back a little ways, even the Georgians had furniture with the capability of morphing into another, chairs into stairs, etc…Simondon illustrates one progression of this convergence with the development of the car engine.  Where once the parts of the engine had very specific roles worked independently, those parts increasingly are designed with multi-functionality where their primary function is blurred with secondary functions such that the inter-relationships between parts converge…

Patrick Jouin’s One-Shot Stool goes a long way towards accomplishing an ideal convergence of functions.  Built thru the (singular) process of stereolithography (by .MGX/Materialise), the stool, including all joints and articulation is created in “one shot”.  There are no secondary parts, no hinges, no handles…you better believe it! 

Between that and the Mini Plopp, it’s an exciting time to love stools!


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